Karma Beach Ungasan

When the jet set descend on Bali, they do not pass go; they head down to Karma Beach Bali at Karma Kandara on the beautiful Bukit peninsular.

And down an 85-metres limestone cliff on a private lift you go to arrive on this beach club beauty with private bamboo cabanas, cool cocktails, plush daybeds and a sensational sea spa tent where lingering luxuries are dispensed by expert hands. This is seriously the luxe life.

Internationally renowned as the brand’s flagship destination, Karma Beach Bali inspires Karma Beach Fiji and Karma Beach Bahamas.

Sink back for a snooze or get physical on the Bali beach club scene.

Coral reefs, kayaks and an international club scene are rolled into a Karma Beach sushi of sophistication. This extraordinary sequestered location seamlessly blends organic rustic charm and upscale design to birth a bamboo pavilion that is the nucleus of the club’s laid back society.

On a glittering crescent of white sand, the club sits on a perfectly placed beach tucked into a cerulean lagoon. It has wonderful coral gardens just offshore to be explored with a snorkel and mask. This tranquil realm with funky daytime beats lends itself to a cruisey kayak on the temperate sea. The music is a hot drawcard for expats and cosmopolitan travellers with a revolving door of top flight DJs to set the soundscapes for the legendary Karma Beach Sessions. Pop-up performances include international acts, with some chart-topping surprises, to delight guests and regulars.

Karma beach bali ungasan
jl. villa kandara banjar, tuban
+62 361 848 2222

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