Dishes that almost defy description are served here every day.

The simple restaurant is airy and bright by day, warm at night, with an open kitchen where all the components of the menu are created, from the home-baked bread to the house-made sausages. Gelatos in flavours few would dream of, creamy, savoury, sweet and deeply delicious. The challenge for the chef is to take great ingredients and make them shine. It’s harder than it looks but these guys make it seem simple.

A roasted cauliflower soup, poured over a slow cooked duck egg, looks like a painting and marries into a combination of culinary greatness. This is the genius of Locavore.

A locavore is someone who eats food that is locally grown. It’s easy to forget the philosophy behind Locavore as one dish after another arrives made up of components that dance beautifully with each other while creating a kaleidoscope of colour and flavor. Another chef-driven restaurant, Locavore sources almost all their beautiful ingredients locally from farmers who are committed to sustainability and organics.

Eelke is Dutch, his partner Ray is Indonesian, together, they create plates of culinary art. Produce driven, astounding in presentation but also so flavourful, you could enjoy Locavore blindfolded and still know exactly what you’re eating. While the vegetarian dishes have won over many diners, exceptional pork, chicken and seafood dishes are equally as appealing. A light hand and no small amount of skill have catapulted Locavore to star status among Ubud’s dynamic dining scene.

jl. dewi sita, ubud
+62 361 977 733

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