Dining at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa is an epicurean journey with a choice of five restaurants and four bars prepared by award-winning culinary team.

Choose from Raja’s Balinese fine dining restaurant, the revamped Maguro Asian Bistro or Sandro’s Pizzeria, an alfresco Italian dining area. Located by the beachfront, Chess Bar and Restaurant offers sweeping views of the sea and serves as an oasis for those seeking refuge from the heat of the sun.

For indigenous experiences, guests may dine in Budaya Cultural Theatre and enjoy Kecak or Legong dance performance on select nights.

With so many quality options and internationally inspired entrees, the dining options in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa enhance its comfortable and luxurious accommodations. Schedule a stay for at least a few days so you have time to sample all of the offerings.

Raja’s restaurant offers pure Balinese cuisine in a royal setting. The poolside restaurant located only metres from the beachfront is designed to reflect the way a Balinese royal family would dine.

Raja’s is a place where guests can take home more than just beach memories and standard hotel food. The cuisine is seriously Balinese fare, unmodified – a result of more than a year of taste testing, guest trials, and in-house cooking contests. Although it serves original Balinese food, Raja’s is certified as a halal restaurant.

Popular Raja’s appetizers include the award-winning Palem Sari Ulam – steamed seafood in coconut curry pudding – Tum Udang – minced prawn and young coconut steamed in banana leaf and served on a seaweed salad with lesser galangal and garlic chilli dressing – and other unique specialties. Guests may choose to try a soup such as the seafood favourite, Kuah Gedang Sareng – fresh jumbo prawns with young green papaya soup.

Raja’s signature dish is the Bebek or Ayam Betutu- a whole duck or chicken marinated in 19 different spices, wrapped in palm leaves and slow cooked for four hours. It is presented to the guests as a whole piece and then carved by table side.

The dessert menu includes Pisang Rai – poached bananas in coconut batter with honey and ginger ice cream – a village favourite Dadar Gulung – pandanus leaf pancakes with a jackfruit and palm-sugar filling served with coconut ice cream – and other sweet-tooth traditional specialties. Raja’s has won numerous awards including the Hospitality Asia Platinum Award’s (HAPA) Gastronomic Experience – Asia Cuisine..com

The essential guide to raja’s

Get the royal Balinese treatment with local cuisine fit for a king (or queen of course). Wrap your taste buds around the freshly made sambal – prepared in front of you. Join in with a Balinese cooking class to get an insight into what Balinese food is and how to cook it. Enjoy a host of other dining options including oven fresh pizzas, Korean barbeque or seafood buffet. Enjoy an evening of food and wine served in the privacy of your own private gazebo by the pool or on the beach.

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+62 361 771 210

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