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At last the beautiful people of the luxe resort enclave of Nusa Dua will no longer have to travel to find some expert beauty support with the Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle now open to all in the magnificent Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort.

Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle has assembled a dynamic group of highly trained and experienced medical experts who have traveled the world to seek answers to questions about aesthetics and to find the right solution to client issues.

The team at Vietura joins clients in a journey towards discovering precisely what the ‘best you’ means and to identify pathways to achieving that outcome. It is not always what is on the surface that matters and the mission of Vietura are about finding the interconnec- tion between aesthetic procedures, integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. They take a complete approach to your health and wellness so that you can achieve a holistic balance in your life.

It’s about going beyond cutting corners and quick fixes with non-invasive procedures that still present you with results that satisfy and fulfill your personal goals.

Sofitel Nusa Dua has cast aside the traditional resort spa scene and opted to back a wellness and non-invasive approach to beauty by installing Vietura in the gorgeous Bali retreat. As cosmedical tourism increases to southeast Asia, Vietura has created a menu card that offers anti-aging treatments, non-invasive procedures, body detoxification as well as body sculpting.

Located in the stunning beachside resort, catering to a new breed of wellness tourist, Vietura offers top level luxury, privacy and services that will give you visible impressive results. Treatments can be conducted during a single appointment, or a wellness
and aesthetics mini-break can be created to suit your time schedule.

On the outside, specialty aesthetic facial treatments include a no pain no surgery instant ‘threading’ facelift, botox and facial shaping with natural fillers, emergency acne rescue remedy and more. Too much or too little hair can be addressed with IPL and medically proven stimulation therapy. Unique body ‘fat freezing’ and skin tightening will have you instantly looking slimmer.

For your insides, Vietura conducts medical detoxification using state of the art colon hydrotherapy, IV nutrition, hangover remedies and nutrition advice. Life coaching is
available toarm you with the tools to maintain your fantastic new look and
unleash a brand new confidence.

Part of Vietura’s plan to bring clients to wellness is to provide inspiration and to offer natural solutions so that clients can enjoy the best that life has to offer. The team aims to discover the courage of a client, find their pride and unleash confidence.

The essential guide to vietura

Vietura is an aesthetic lifestyle institute that leverages on its holistic approach to beauty and wellness, providing 100 percent noninvasive treatment programs that are tailor-made for each individual. This is truly bespoke beauty – going past superficial improvements by encouraging beneficial lifestyle changes, and carefully keeping watch on a client’s progress or setbacks. By going to Vietura, the expectation is not to just look fantastic but to feel sensational and live better as well, and not just for the short term, but for good.

Vietura bali
at sofitel nusa dua beach resort and spa
btdc lot n5, nusa dua,
+62 361 849 2888

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