They’ve hit the heights on Trip Advisor and appear on every foodie’s list of best restaurants in Bali and Locavore is still the talk of the town.

With tables booked up months in advance, securing a table for dinner is no mean feat. Now, however the boys have opened Locavore-to-Go, a rustic new sidewalk cafe and take-away, open for breakfast, brunch and lunch, that features some of their incredible house-made charcuterie, sausages and organic produce. Gourmet travellers have already made this their go-to for daytime snacks and delicious goodies to go (you HAVE to try the home-made ice cream). Two chefs, Eelke and Ray, have put their personal food philosophy to the test and passed with flying colours. Locavore turns local ingredients into artful plates that have wowed diners since they opened. With a deft hand applied to the organic produce they grow or source locally, vegetarian dishes become works of art and the organic meat they source is a real bow to artisan producers who breed sustainably and responsibly. Now it all turns up on wooden boards and wrapped to go.

Best of all, it is just down the road in Ubud central, Jl Dewi Sita. For those who want to try the “grown up” version, it’s always easier to score one of Ubud’s favourite tables at lunchtime. Enjoy Locavore is a term that applies to eating locally and all except for the occasional knob of butter or olive oil is grown here. It’s amazing what they can do and they continue to turn out plates that look like works of art and taste heavenly.

https://www.facebook.com/LocavoreToGo, (0361) 977733

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