A World of Culinary Dining at Kura Kura

In the tradition of the great hotels of the world, Oberoi Hotel in Bali continues to enthral visitors with its picture perfect location beside the sea on Seminyak Beach. Catering to discerning guests, Kura Kura Restaurant is hailed by gourmands around the world for its award-winning dining. World-class International food is matched with some of the most distinctive haute cuisine on the island. The Kura Kura degustation dinners are legendary for a host of notable reasons. Each plateis presented as a work of art,each detail carefully considered and transformed with culinary prowess into plates worthy of any world-class restaurant. Still within reach of the ordinary traveller, dinners at Kura Kura are always memorable. From the moment you are seated, magic begins to happen. Quietly achieving culinary greatness, Kura Kura remains under the radar for many and yet, those who have tried will rave about this menu.
Kura Kura Executive Chef, Enrico Wahl continues to captivate Bali diners with his sophisticated flavours and culinary detail. Care, attention and skill are elements in every plate. The ChefÕs degustation can be ordered as 3, 4, 5 or more courses for special occasions. Desserts soar into another hemisphere here, with incredible combinations based on local flavours and ingredients. A wonderful open-air dining room blessed with soft sea breezes is the prelude to a dinner to remember. Kura Kura shines at dinner and in this case, it truly is best to leave it to the chef, present your likes and dislikes and be prepared for a little food for thought.


KURA KURA offers special promotion, for more details please contact :

jl. kayu aya, seminyak
+62 361 730 361


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