Fresh, Fast and Fabulous Sushi at Sushimi

Catch a ride on Bali’s hottest sushi train. From Bondi to Bali via Tokyo, Sushimi has earned its place as Seminyak’s best sushi bar. Grab a seat at the bar and try to resist the endless display of eye-catching, fresh and delicious, sushi and sashimi plates – created right in front of you in the buzzy open kitchen, supplying a sense of theatre as well as an insight into the world of sushi. Sushimi brings a bright new taste to the colourful drag of Seminyak’s Dhyana Pura street. Internationally renowned sushi chef, formerly of The Establishment in Sydney, has given Sushi a shine in bold dishes that reflect what’s happening right now in sushi culture. The concept behind Sushimi is all about dropping in, munching on top-notch sushi or a delicious selection of a la carte dishes, and getting on with your life. Drop in, drop out or stay and graze.

Highlights on this menu include bowls of fresh salad dressed with their house-made sesame dressing, teriyaki dishes, katsu drizzled with sauce, tempura and a slightly seared wagyu beef dish. Order your sushi wrapped in white or brown rice and don’t miss their Friday night specials.

Don’t miss the Friday special where all sushi plates cost just rp20k


Jl. Dyhana Pura 4x, Seminyak | +62 361 737 816

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