Sukun – Giving indonesian dishes a modern makeover

When unraveling the exotic secrets behind Indonesia’s culinary heritage, the choice is often between very high-end or street-side warungs. Sukun Restaurant at Alaya Kuta offers a culinary journey through the archipelago that is casual, yet authentic. Served in a stylish open-air restaurant, Sukun tells the story of a timeless cuisine with charm, personality and a price to suit. Freshness is key here and each dish is beautifully presented.

Incorporating local ingredients and home-style recipes into restaurant dishes offers diners a chance to discover Sukun’s authentic take on Indonesian cuisine, with lunch and dinner menus, an all day tapas menu and signature dishes like the chef’s own version of Nasi Raja, a time-honoured rice dish designed for royalty and esteemed visitors from generations past.

While classic Indonesian dishes are the mainstay of the menu, a tempting variety of western dishes from steaks and salads to seafood grills and more are also offered. Located so close to the action along South Kuta Beach’s shopping strip, Sukun is a respite from the crowds and the heat, the perfect place to slip away for a meal or a snack. Personal service is the hallmark of Alaya Hotels and at Sukun you can be assured the welcome is as genuine as the meals.

SUKUN offers special promotion, for more details please contact:

jalan kartika plaza, gang puspa ayu no. 99, kuta
+62 361 755 380

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