John Hardy, responsible luxury jewellery.

Discovering how John Hardy jewellery is crafted is a tour that any Bali visitor will love.  A winding village road through rice fields and bamboo forests leads to an unassuming entrance beyond which one of the world’s most unique luxury jewellery brands produces it’s stunning range of socially responsible collectible jewellery.

From the pages of glossy magazines to a rustic Balinese village seems a giant leap of cultures and fortunes. The John Hardy workshop tour provides a fascinating glimpse into how the gap is bridged. This is a tour quite unlike any other, taking you through the design workshop to the handcrafting of the pieces behind the range.


It starts with a design team made up of local artisans and international designers, the pieces are individually crafted from wax and then painstakingly finished by hand, so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. From start to finish, each piece may involve fifteen or more people, carving, crafting and polishing.

The gold and silver used is purchased from a certified recycling house, the methods are traditional and even the food prepared for the staff is created in a traditional kitchen with few modern conveniences. Guests can book to join the management team at the daily long table lunch as part of their tour, which is a fabulous insight into the soul of the workshop.


The final stop is the beautiful bamboo showroom where guests can purchase their own piece of jewellery. Not surprisingly few people leave without buying, despite the luxury price tags. There is no pressure to buy anything but after seeing the intricacies of the production, a whole new perspective is gained into what lies behind one of the most unique jewellery brands.


John Hardy has created a sustainable and responsible way to create something of great beauty. This is a brand that really does give back.


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