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Checking out the new menus created by Australian chef James Viles, of the self-styled rural restaurant, Biota, for Sundays Beach Club gives us a little inkling of what lies in store. Inspired by his landscape, and a love of foraging for indigenous ingredients, has rocketed Chef Viles to celebrity chef status in Australia.

Chef James Viles
Chef James Viles

Invited by The Ungasan Clifftop Resort to reinvent their event menus, James has now turned his attention to Sundays Beach Club to create something that is every bit as spectacular as the beach club itself. Welcome to a fresh take on seaside dining that raises the roof on flavour.


Early starts.

Sundays has now opened for breakfast and the menu is full of healthy choices like the Super Brekky Bowls and a range of chilled poke bowls as well as classic breakfast favourites that have been tweaked to perfection. Sundays now opens at 8am so you can grab your favourite spot and settle in for a day of sun, fun and great food.

Breakfast with a view
Poke Bowls, sweet or savoury


Salads that sing.

Creating amazing salads means that those who want to eat light and healthy don’t miss out on fabulous flavours(and this is probably you if you’re spending the day in a bikini). From the broccoli and minted pea salad with slow cooked baby lamb (cooked over the coals for half a day) to bright and beautiful salads like the marinated watermelon with nim jam prawns, to the stunning asparagus salad dressed with a poached egg and loaded with textural superfoods these salads are stunning.

Salads that satisfy
Salads that satisfy


Hands only.

The menu hits a lot of highs and the hands-only selection will appeal to those who don’t want to waste a minute sitting down to eat. Enjoy it at the bar, on the beach or in between enjoying the water sports on offer. Beer battered fish and chips meets lobster baos and chicken san choi bao to marry Modern Australian dishes with Asian classics.

Hands Only
Hands Only


Over the coals.

Using local timber gives the char grill a unique flavor which is used throughout the menu (that baby lamb in the salad, a grilled cuttle fish for another salad). Here we see some big flavours including a Jimbaran-style whole fish served up with spicy sambal matah, a juicy Australian Rib-eye cooked on the bone along with some switched up favourites like barbecued chicken, yakitori style and meltingly tender pork ribs.

BBQ Lobster anyone?
BBQ Lobster anyone?


Fired up.

Fire also adds flavour to an array of wood-fired pizzas that will please both fussy eaters and foodies. Bubbling between the charred crust you’ll find toppings ranging from roast duck with hoisin; prawn and scallop wrapped up with provolone and fresh coriander; local burrata; garlic and lemon to freshen a gluten-free pizza; and a whole 58-hour cooked pork hock doused in palm sugar, lime and fish sauce to feed two.


Warung food, Burger Bar and Something Sweet.

From the exotic to the familiar, Sundays serves up a host of vibrant and creative options for those who want to eat local favourites like nasi or mie goring, or the local fried chicken. The burger menu is equally hard to go past. Served in burger buns made by the in-house baker prepare yourself for full on flavour from the classics to house specialties like the Mr Kim Chi with pulled pork or the Reel Deal with fresh barramundi. Big and little kids will be asking for seconds from the dessert list from acai bowls with red berries to s’mores and trifle, there’s nothing ordinary about this menu.

Delicious Burgers at Sundays Beach Club
Delicious Burgers at Sundays Beach Club


Just dessert
Just dessert


Best of all this is a menu that will keep you coming back for more, with so many delicious options, you’ll be hard pressed to choose from a menu full of fresh, flavourful and delicious options, healthy or otherwise.

Every day is a holiday at the spectacularly located Sundays beach Club.

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