8 Things to do in Lovina, North Bali

Lovina in North Bali is an area that offers mountains, sea adventures, temples and old time villages. 360bali takes a weekend trip and discovers its many charms.

Yayyy, another day, another chance to get to see more of the amazing spots Bali has to offer! In comparison with the hectic, touristic Southern part of Bali, the northern part (like Lovina) is more relaxed and less crowded. Amazing, untouched nature like mountains, waterfalls, secret gardens and tranquil beaches can be found here. We’ve selected a few must-see spots for our favourite travellers (including you!) which will definitely surprise you with incredible views.

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  1. Sekumpul Waterfall

The first waterfall (Sekumpul Waterfall) we visited was probably the best one I had ever seen in my entire life. It was breathtakingly beautiful. On the way down there, there was this spot which gave us the possibility to watch three waterfalls at one time; incredible view – No filters needed for Instagram! 😉 It really felt like you were walking in a postcard, you know? There is a possibility to do a three-hour-hike here, so 9 different waterfalls can be seen. However, we chose to do a short one-hour-hike, and we only went to Sekumpul – which was amazing.

Rainbow Sekumpul Waterfall

  1. Spotting Dolphins

Lovina Beach is famous for its wild dolphins’ sightings. If you prefer watching animals in their natural habitat, this is an exceptional opportunity for you to get to see these dolphins in real life. Leave your bed early and an amazing sunrise will welcome you while on the water. Unfortunately, it was really ‘crowded’. There were around 30 boats on the water and every time we saw some dolphins, all the boats went crazy and raced towards them. However, around 8am many boats went back and then the magic happened 😉 Many dolphins came to play around the boats and they even did some tricks like spinning and jumping through the water. Such a great way to start your day!

Early morning sunrise when spotting dolphins


  1. Buddhist Monastery – Brahmavihara-Arama

Find serenity, tranquillity, peace and quiet when you visit the biggest Buddhist Monastery in Bali; the Brahmavihara-Arama. This monastery has got five different buildings and an amazing garden with an incredible spiritual ambiance; a perfect place for meditation and prayers. It’s located in the mountains, near Lovina; so the monastery offers great view as well. Totally recommend you visit this one.

Buddhist creature at Buddhist Monastery


  1. Twin Waterfalls / Aling Aling

If you’d like to see more waterfalls in just one hike, head to Aling Aling – on the way down there you’ll explore other different waterfalls as well, like Twin Waterfalls where you can go for a swim. Beautiful view and for the real adventurers: it’s possible to jump and slide down the waterfall as well – led by guides. Enjoy, have fun 🙂

Me at Twin Waterfalls


      5. Villa’s – airbnb

Looking for a place to stay, I recommend you visit Airbnb. We rented a villa upon the mountain which means: amazing view and an infinity pool (totally recommend that one!). Note: sometimes it’s not very easy to get up the hill, even with a car. We walked a lot that weekend, but for us it was worth the view!

Infinity pool at our rented villa

  1. Sanskrit temple
    Keen on visiting temples, this one is definitely worth a try. Basically, there are two different parts: there’s a front part and another part behind three doorways. For tourists, it’s possible to walk through two doors: the middle door only opens during ceremonies. Peaceful, quiet ambiance – don’t forget your sarong. click here for directions


Balinese flower at Sanskit Temple

  1. Hot springs – air panas banjar

The holy and magical hot springs are surrounded by beautiful palm trees and tropical plants which makes you feel like you’ve found your place in the jungle. Time for some relaxation. Stay as long as you want, enjoy the warm water and meet some locals while you’re there!

Holy Hot Springs

  1. Git Git waterfalls

This waterfall is perfect when you’re not that into hiking. It was really easy to get there and the view was amazing as well, that’s why I don’t recommend you getting a tour guide there. You can find it amongst beautiful rain forest and incredible nature. Just before entering the waterfall you can find small markets to get yourself some souvenirs or rain coats when it’s raining (or when you just don’t like to get wet). Discover, explore, find out! Enjoy 🙂

Git Git Waterfalls

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