5 Brand New Authentic Travel Experiences in Bali

5 Brand New Authentic Travel Experiences in Bali

We all know there’s so much to explore and do in Bali, finding authentic Balinese experiences isn’t always that easy. If you’ve been searching for a unique Indonesian experience, you’re in luck.

Authentic, sustainable, immersive. These are the values leading the latest range of tours offered through Australian based start-up Real Indonesia. The company launches its tours this week, with some exclusive and off the beaten path adventures for those eager to take their trip beyond the island’s usual tourist spots.

Here’s a sample of what they’ve got on offer for the curious traveler.

An Exclusive Dining and Cultural Experience at the Palace in Ubud

Enjoy an evening exploring the palace with the Prince himself, and then dine on a sumptuous, authentic Balinese feast as you watch traditional dance and music performances and hear stories of the palace’s history direct from the prince himself.

 Village Inspired Adventure in Bali

This one-day experience gives travelers the opportunity to connect with locals during a full day of activities. Plough the rice fields with the aid of a cow, accompany the villagers in making their religious offerings and enjoy a delicious Balinese lunch together. An immersive and educative experience for all ages, that provides an opportunity for the conscious traveler to give back to local Balinese communities.

 Connecting with Nature and Community in Ubud

This two-day experience boasts a 5-star sustainability rating and is a way to truly connect with nature and the local Balinese community. A botany walk will take you around the surrounds of the picturesque Luwas village teaching you all about Bali’s botanical diversity, while giving you an opportunity to experience its natural beauty up close and personal. Afterwards, connect with local women and make your own traditional Balinese beauty products, and then enjoy the hospitality of a traditional Balinese feast made with fresh local produce. The perfect adventure for the traveler who wants to do good and feel good.

 Immersing in Arts, Culture and Rural Life in West Bali

Another immersive experience cultural experience offers three days in beautiful West Bali, and spend your nights by the beach at the Sea Medewi Resort. On this 5-star sustainability experience you’ll have the opportunity to meet villagers from all walks of life. Make art and learn traditional Batik techniques from a family of local artists and experience a thrilling jungle river-boat ride. Dine on home-cooked meals with locals and enjoy fresh, organic seasonal produce. Visit coconut and cacao plantations and discover how the villagers care and conserve the beautiful untamed wilderness of West Bali and make use of the natural resources provided to them by Mother Nature.

 An Adventure in East Java featuring Bromo Sunrise

Those keen to travel further afield can enjoy a 6-day experience, which truly gives travelers an insight into the real Indonesia and the wonders of the archipelago. See the famous Mount Bromo at sunrise, and spend time exploring the glass fields and volcanic craters by 4-wheel drive. Eat at restaurants frequented by locals as your dedicated guide takes you on a tour of two cities in East Java; Surabaya and Malang. The experience includes 5 nights accommodation, transport to and from the airport and attractions.

Check out Real Indonesia’s website for the low down on all the experiences they offer, you can contact them directly to request travel dates and book your experience! If you’re ready to start your authentic Indonesian adventure right now, book one of their pilot tour experiences this week and receive a 35% discount!

Would you like to help make Bali green again?

Bali-based chef, Penelope Williams, hopes to launch a holistic education program and Bali’s first single-use-plastic-free refillery to help alleviate the island’s massive rubbish problem. From her East bali restaurant, Bali Asli, Penny works to preserve the culture, authentic Balinese recipes and the environment that sustains the community. For more information and a chance to win a Bali Asli experience for two, head to her page for details.


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