Waterbom Bali – It takes a family to build Asia’s number one water park.

By Luiz Sanchez In 1993 Santo Gulino created Waterbom with a unique vision in mind; to reinvent the concept of a water park. His vision included setting a new, much higher benchmark for service, safety and environmental responsibility than Bali had seen before. Santo wanted to create an experience that was enjoyable on every level, and thus insisted that their food be top class and their amenities the best they could create.  Waterbom is a water park yes; it is also a family of people who care deeply about Bali’s environment and have worked hard to become carbon neutral. The park is in many ways a labour of love and a leader in environmental practices. Its employees and owners recognise the massive drain a water park can have on dwindling water resources and have worked tirelessly to ensure they do what they can to reduce their footprint and to educate their community. Waterbom launched in 1993. It has since grown into Bali’s most popular attraction, with a thrilling collection of slides and swimming pools set among beautiful gardens, to the award-winning waterpark it is today.
Waterbom’s slides range from moderate to extreme
People often think of Waterbom as a family park but that is only one of the things Waterbom does well. It appeals to all ages and offers a surprising range of activities from massages to a host of restaurants, swim up bars, underwater soundtracks and high-quality food.  From gentle rides like the Lazy River to some high speed thrills. The park is a great place for families, for teenagers and young adults who enjoy thrills and spills with friends, and everyone who loves a day of sunshine, beautiful gardens and cooling off in pristine pools. 
After hour Sol Sessions
For those looking to party, Waterbom periodically hosts after hours parties in the park during the high season. Sol Sessions proved a big hit, drawing in thousands of guests to listen to world class DJ’s from around the world, including the legendary DJ Premiere. This year more parties are planned so check their site for updates. The park is also a great place for all kinds of events, from kid’s parties, to casual cocktail parties to elegant wedding receptions and formal events. It’s one of the island’s most popular places for team building events. The company running Waterbom’s food and beverage programs is M&M, one of Bali’s most sought-after catering companies. They are not only behind some of the island’s most delicious events, they are also part of the family and have been since M&M was founded.
One of Bali’s most sought-after catering companies, M&M runs the food and beverage programs at Waterbom
Waterbom’s Beating Heart.  What makes Waterbom special to many of us who have grown up in Bali is that we have watched it evolve over the years, and can see how much love and attention went in to building the park while also assuming social and environmental responsibility. Apart from that it is a lot of fun, whether you’re there for the thrills or want to take it easy. 
Whether you’re there for the thrills or want to take it easy, Waterbom has it all
In November, Waterbom unveiled Balancing the Waters, a new documentary they had been working on for the past year, to emphasise the dwindling water resources in Bali. The park composts all of their organic waste, have done away with single-use plastic products almost entirely, have recently installed solar panels in the park and sponsors local projects working to combat Bali’s mounting waste issues.  Waterbom has not only been a source of endless enjoyment for thousands of guests, but has served as an inspiration to the Bali community. They are not only pioneers in the water park industry, but have set a new standard for environmental responsibility that has taken many way too long to emulate. If you are in Bali, you owe it to yourself to take a day, ride some slides, eat some good food, and enjoy yourself at Waterbom.

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