When Life gives you lemons, make margaritas – Bali’s most intoxicating Booze deliveries.

By in-house enthusiast Katie Mairs.

Lockdown syndrome is real, but surely you’ve noticed how a knock at the door and a booze delivery can put a smile on your dial in an instant? Sad but true; you’ve spent WAY too much time at home, the drive you had when this crisis first hit, all the plans you dreamed up, seem to have wound down under the weight of TV and takeaway. Try as you might, resisting the urge to whip up a cocktail, open a cold beer or savour a nice glass of wine with dinner is often the brightest light at the end (or beginning, oops) of the day. Resistance is futile and luckily your bar never has to run dry with these flashy players who can be at your door in as little as half an hour. That’s service, that’s fabulous. If you’ve got any friends left (on the island I mean) then call them up and let’s get this party started.



   The Boogaloo Bali

The Boogaloo Bali is your 24 hour, 7 day-a-week alcohol delivery service. They don’t just deliver the goods (well, they can), but can also provide pop-up bars staffed with your very own bartender, just in time for your coming-out party or that sneaky celebrationThe Boogaloo Bali keeps their shelves stocked with your favourite spirits of top imported and local brands. Pick from an impressive selection of gins, tequilas, whiskeys, rums, and vodkas and of course the bubbles.


Phone: +62 812 3760 2680


Website: http://www.theboogaloobali.com/ 


Wow Booze

Wow Booze is an online bottle shop with delivery service in Bali selling quality wines, spirits and beer. Wow Booze also stock a great selection of mixers, snacks, they deliver 24 hours a day rain, hail or shine and are open every day of the year with the aim to deliver in under 30 minutes, regardless of the time of day or night. Wow Booze also cater for events and weddings. 


Phone:+62 853 3355 5333

Website: https://www.wowbooze.com/


AJ’s Barrel

AJ Barrel is located in Tamora Gallery and newly opened Tamora Square. It is family run and the owners have a real passion for pleasing their customers. AJ Barrels wine selection is extensive, with wines imported from all over the world, a great selection of beers and spirits and a selection of cigars to pair with your drinks. AJ Barrel will make you feel like you are ordering from a friend on first delivery.  


Phone: +62 821 4613 8197

Website: https://ajsbarrel.business.site/



Originally GypsyLand launched the largest techno festival in Bali, an annual event looked forward to by many across the globe. Sadly, the festival isn’t happening this year BUT they now have an online alcohol delivery bringing the party to your door. Their readymade cocktails come in all shapes and sizes (our favourite is the lychee martini) that arrive in cute bottles, that remind me of Alice in Wonderland. Very fitting. They are 24/7 delivery, contactable on whatsapp with all the payment methods.  


Phone: +62 821 1971 7234

Website: https://www.gypsy.land/alcohol/


Room 4 Dessert

Based in the heart of Ubudsome say Room 4 Dessert serves some of the best cocktails on the island, expertly blended by their master mixologist. Each cocktail has been carefully created, tried and tested in their ‘lab’, to make sure the flavours sing with voices of all the personalities behind the ravishing dessert bar. Our boss’ favourite is the Manhattan Sour, transporting her right back to the seedy jazz bars of Greenwich Village. We’ll have to take her word for that. Check out their deliriously good Take-out menus to make a meal out of this dial-up delivery service. 


Phone: +62 813 3705 0539

Website: https://www.room4dessert.com/


The Plumbers Arms

Bringing the pub to your home! The Plumbers Arms literally can serve you anything from their bar delivered to your door. From their IPA’s, to tap poured Heineken, wines, and house-made cocktails. You’ll never have to leave home again. Grab some pub grub from their menu at the same time and that’s you sorted. Dangerous – we know!  


Website: https://www.theplumbersarms.com/


Laca Laca

Lacalacais a Mexican restaurant in Seminyak with branches in Canggu (Lacalita)Seminyak and Ubud (Lacasita), delivering Mexican style cocktails ready made up to your door. Their sexy Mexican twist on the classic margarita, styling the cocktail with spicy jalapenos, is a perfect blend of lime, salt and spice. Lacalaca also offer favourites like their signature Mojitos and Espresso Martinis 


Website: https://www.lacalongtime.com/


40 Thieves

We know that dancing on the tables isn’t happening right now but you can always dance at home fuelled by some of the signature cocktails like the honestly raucous Negroni from Bali’s famous speakeasy, 40 Thieves. Bottled for freshness and built for flavour, check out their list and throw off your shoes, you don’t want your best tablecloth getting dirty.  



Hatten Wines and Two Islands

These wines just get better and better. Hatten Wines are created using locally-grown grapes while their Two Islands’ range is made with premium grapes from South Australia. Prices are discounted right now for delivery, so it’s even better. Step it up with their limitededition reserve range made from single origin grapes, the sparkling is deliriously good.  



Isola Wine

Isola wine is grown locally and created with Italian expertise. They pride themselves on being a natural wine (no headache’s the next day) which is ethically made. They have a fast turnaround delivery 7 days a week. So if you prefer the more natural wines, then these are your guys! 


Phone: +62 811 3970 051 



Passion is where Sababay start and finish. Growing their grapes & making wines in Bali, they have the perfect combination of classic wines to meet your preferences. From their Red Velvet XXX to Bubbly Rose they have you covered for every meal and mood.  


Stay tuned for our collection of favourite cocktail recipes, up next!

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