Plan a 5-star day-cation, with free access to Nusa Dua’s Reef Beach Club. Yes!

Written by Sarah Dougherty

Nusa Dua is home to some amazing resorts, beach clubs, and restaurants, and yet every time I visit Apurva Kempinski I know there’s something extra here. Their new Reef Beach Club offers a stylish day-cation with all the trappings of a great beach club but that is where the similarities end.

Call it the X factor, the wow factor, whatever, there is something intangible that takes Reef, and all the venues at this monolithic  Nusa Dua resort to the next level. On my last visit, with all the amazing restaurants to choose from at the resort, I was drawn to Reef in the late afternoon. Enjoying cocktail and canapes by the pool, watching the colours change over the sea before the sunset, felt like the perfect way to end a day of spa treatments and activities. 

Reef is open all day, and currently, there’s no entry fee, so outside guests can enjoy it as well. The sparkling long pool overlooks a private crescent of golden sand lapped by clear water, generous day beds surround the pool with floating white curtains for privacy. On the weekends live music features from sunset, making this a romantic spot to enjoy the warm breezes. 

The menu offers an eclectic mix of Western and Asian dishes and includes the obligatory beach club classics from burgers and gourmet sandwiches to delicious salads.

For those who want to venture into something more adventurous, there is plenty to choose from. The Asian dishes are so perfectly put together, they are worthy of a picture. Classics including a delicate laksa, a fragrant oxtail soup, dumplings filled with fresh seafood and spicy tofu dishes. The flavours are true to the originals and an array of spicy sambals and Asian condiments are served alongside.

The grill section is where things get really juicy. Giant skewers with freshly grilled salmon hang over a plate filled with sides of your choice, the skewers are also available with a selection of charred vegetables, beef, pork sausages, or tender beef, all marinated with your choice of flavours from Mediterranean to Jimbaran-style spice mixes.

Gleaming rotisserie chickens are prepared throughout the day and are served with a choice of sides that include rice, vegetables, fries and sambal. The grill menu continues with a choice of charred steaks, lamb chops and a stunning selection of fresh seafood from calamari and clams to salmon, prawns and lobster. 

A pasta and pizza menu features alongside daily specials, and all of it is prepared so beautifully, the way you hope the food will be at a 5-star resort of this calibre, but sadly isn’t always. At Kempinski, you are spoiled for choice, from the stunning Izakaya restaurant upstairs to Koral, their underwater restaurant run by their renowned Italian Chef, Andrea and their main restaurant pala, home to their incredible Sunday brunch. 

Overseeing it all is Executive Chef, Eric, whose French training shines a light on all things culinary at Bali’s Apurva Kempinski. The management is another reason why this resort stands out for its attention to detail and the magical story that is woven into every element. 

A visit to reef would not be complete without a happy ending, and this one will satisfy every sweet tooth

From freshly baked lava cookies to delicate pandan creme brulee, from cheesecakes to a signature tiramisu there’s something to satisfy everyone. Afternoon tea is almost sinful when you order the dessert plate which gives you a taste of everything.

Reef Beach Club is one to add to your Nusa Dua list, it’s the perfect day to night hang out at the foot of the impressive Apurva Kempinski

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