Caravan Bali – seafood grills and rocking cocktails on Berawa Beach, Canggu – Bali – 2022

Written by Katie Mairs

This Canggu beach bar and restaurant brings Med vibes to Berawa. With tables and deck chairs in the sand, a pop up barbecue and a funky bamboo bar, Caravan is a hot favourite for surf and sunset, seafood and locals who love a chill-out at the end of the day.

Caravan by Cabanon’s menu has something everyone will love. From fresh oysters to steaks, barbecued prawns drenched in garlicky juices, fresh salads and sides and even dessert. Transporting you from the Mediterranean Sea to the simple flavours of the Cyclades.

You cannot give their seafood options a miss. A personal favourite of ours was the fresh Mussels, which were a deep turquoise blue, oozing freshness, complemented with a side of crispy hand cut french-fries. The boss goes just for the barbecued prawns, they are so good.

It’s not all prawns and beers, take a step up with the baked Camembert Cheese on the menu was a treat, as a good cheese dish can be hard to come by, so of course we had to give it a try. The result? 10/10. It comes with a side of honey, bread and nuts. 

Whilst you’re there, quench your thirst with delicious cocktails, mocktails, and a good selection of wines and beer.

Caravan’s’s atmosphere channels bohemian Bali with subtle nods to Mediterranean culture.   

Don’t miss their Sunday Sunset Sessions, with live music. It’s a perfect way to spend your Sunday and end your week in Bali. Follow their Instagram @caravan.bali

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