7 Best Bars in Bali to Sip Mind-blowing Nusantara Espresso Martinis

From a simple request from a guest to a bartender for something that would “Wake me up and kick my ass”, Espresso Martinis have become one of the world’s favourite cocktails. 

The launch of Bali’s own Nusantara Cold Brew created by the craft alcohol company, Spice Island Distilling Co has transformed our favorite cocktail and given it a unique local flavour. 

Made with the finest beans sourced from the Spice Islands, this distinctively crafted coffee liqueur delivers a rich coffee flavour with less sugar than most commercial brands. The result is a liqueur that is as intriguing and mysterious as the islands that inspired it.

Bali’s top mixologists have wasted no time adding it to their top-shelf. We checked in with 7 of Bali’s best venues for sipping cocktails to see how they have put their own unique spin on the cocktail, here’s what to expect: 

Milano Canggu

Espresso Martini Bali

Located in Berawa, this stylish cocktail bar and restaurant offers insanely good craft cocktails at their lively bar in Berawa, Canggu. Milano’s classic Espresso Martini blends their signature espresso, a smooth blend of Kintamani Arabica and Toraja robusta, with Nusantara cold brew and vodka to create a cocktail with a creamy caramel-coloured head and a fine balance of bitter and sweet. The bartenders at Milano also use a special type of ice when they shake, to intensify the flavours. Milano is a lively hub close to the beach in Canggu that is a popular local haunt with a classic bar.

Street 32 at Mamaka by OVOLO

Spectacular views of Bali’s most famous beach are the perfect accompaniment for a smooth and delicious espresso martini. Here, house mixologist, Raviella Angela creates a classic Espresso Martini with Nusantara Cold Brew, resulting in a velvety texture and rich, bold-flavoured Espresso Martini. With views across the beach and a creative menu that blends Asian flavours with exemplary culinary skill, sipping an espresso martini overlooking Kuta’s famous beach with small bites is an experience that raises the bar for Kuta.

Don’t miss their Happy Hour from Monday to Wednesday starting from 5-7 PM.

Aperitif Ubud

The grand bar at Aperitif in Ubud adds its own spin to their Espresso Martini, creating a smooth and elegant cocktail in keeping with their fine dining menus. A homemade butterscotch syrup adds layers of flavour to their Espresso Martini. The addition of mezcal tequila adds a dry and smoky note. Homemade Cashew nut dentelle is used to garnish the cocktail, adding a sweet and nutty finish. Apéritif Bar chooses Nusantara Cold Brew as it offers the authentic taste of Indonesian coffee. Take yours at the beautifully designed bar, grab a leather sofa and relax or take it to the terrace and enjoy sweeping views over the dramatic river gorge. 

We find that by using 4 different beans of coffee blended with a cold brewing method heightens the flavour of coffee without being overly sweet, which is exactly what we want for our Apéritif Signature Espresso Martini. It offers a complex, unique experience for a coffee-based cocktail, yet gives the Espresso Martini a slightly smoky depth.” explains maestro mixologist, Panji Wisrawan.

The Suku Ubud

Suku Espresso adds a signature twist to the classic “Espresso Martini” or “Vodka Espresso” with the addition of white chocolate. Suku Espresso is concocted with Seagram Vodka, Nusantara Cold Brew, Espresso, and white chocolate syrup. “It’s strong, sweet, smooth, very foamy, and topped with coffee beans and coconut flakes.” explains Marketing assistant, Adelina Octavianti.

The Lawn

Here at The Lawn, we like to keep it honest and real by using the classic recipe for this popular classic.” explains Daniel Gerves, head Mixologist. He also stated, “Using Nusantara Cold Brew adds a uniquely Indonesian flavour to the martini and supports our philosophy of supporting local suppliers when possible.”.

Together with Nusantara Cold Brew, a locally made Kahlua alternative, they add their own house coffee blend which gives more depth, body and flavour; keeping it local, youthful, and fun! Add in some Vodka, Shake it over ice to build the head and enjoy; Be it late in the lounge, or watching the sunset over Echo beach, raising a glass at this popular venue is a classic Bali experience; Cin-Cin.”

Ku De Ta

KuDeTa is a venue that has kept us coming back for over 2 decades and still feels as fresh as the day they opened. The KDT Espresso Martini is made special by combining local ingredients with premium imported spirits. They use homemade coco pandan syrup to highlight the coffee flavour. Pandan is known to impart a unique aroma, flavour and colour. It has earthy, grassy notes, somewhat sweet, with hints of coconut on the back palate. That makes their espresso martini unique and rich in flavour. With Nusantara Cold Brew Coffee liqueur, they aim to bring the experience of the espresso martini to the next level. Usually, it’s served after dinner to end the night, but it’s equally popular with the sunset crowd and has been known to spice up a weekend brunch overlooking the ocean. The funny thing is some of their guests are not coffee lovers but they enjoy the smooth creaminess.

Ona Canggu

Ona’s Mediterranean garden restaurant is a beautifully designed venue created in cool blue and white tones. An organic garden leads off the open terrace at the back which is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset cocktail or an after dinner aperitif. Ona Canggu offers a Nusantara Cold Brew Espresso Martini with a Nusantara twist. Head bartender, Ruto Charvallo, crafted the Ona Espresso Martini with pandan leaves harvested from their organic garden. The pandan leaves are then made into a syrup mixed with vodka, espresso, and Nusantara Cold Brew to create a classic Espresso martini with a twist.


A classic Espresso Martini is a beautiful thing and surprisingly easy to make at home. Always use the best possible ingredients, a quality vodka, a rich dark espresso and Nusantara Cold Brew to add a unique local flavour. From there, take some tips from the leading bartenders above to add your own flavours according to your taste. Nusantara Cold Brew is available at selected bottle shops or direct through their website.

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