Make the most of your Ubud trip –  Alas Harum is the place you have to visit 

Written by Darren Lim

One-stop Destination For Those Who Seek Nature and Fun

From picturesque Teggallalang views for your Insta-moments to well-manicured emerald rice terraces, Alas Harum offers a unique agro-tourism experience including some of Ubud’s most-loved experiences. Enjoy bird’s eye views of the lush greenery with the adrenlaine-fuelled zipline swing or sky bike your way through the breathtaking scenery from the paddy fields. 

The team from Alas Harum hosted us for a quick weekend getaway. The abundant greenery and the returning crowd that Bali has missed filled us with a sense of post-covid vacation feeling. We haven’t felt this touristy for a long time.

An extra caffeine boost from the array of exotic coffee and tea produced on their plantation got us off to a bracing start. There’s so much to see and do that we needed the energy boost and it’s fascinating learning about the unique taste profile of the different varieities grown here, showcasing that Alas Harum has made good use of their abundant natural resources. 

Refreshing Sightseeing With Plenty of Thrills

Embracing the destination’s nature is an immersive and fun experience. We had a Bingin deja vu moment after climbing down the stairs to reach the activity centre that offers a range of activities including sky-cycling, a great way to see the scenic beauty of the place. 

After a fabulous experience amid the epic scenery on the flying saddles, we climbed down more stairs where we encountered the zipline swing, the adrenaline picks up as you whizz over the terraces with the wind in your hair. 

Are there ever enough thrills? While some were lining up to go again, we decided to explore more once we’d reached the bottom and took some time to stroll around. Here we came across a collection of sculptures including a rock cave carved with monkeys and a huge rattan sculpture of Balinese nymphs. The monkey cave is reached by crossing a bouncy bridge, and it’s one of the greatest spots to take photos. 

A Paradise Within Paradise

Alas Harum impresses visitors with both breathtaking views & activities, and once you soaked up enough fun and enjoyed the beauty, it’s time to head to Cretya Ubud, the pool club within the property. Cretya is surprisingly glamorous with a fabulous hanging infinity pool that overlooks the panoramic views. 

Here we enjoyed a much needed wind-down after an action-packed day and lingered on the day beds where we enjoyed a delicious meal and refreshing mocktails before we hit the pool to cool down. 

A No-Brainer Destination for Those Who Want to Have Fun and Relax

Alas Harum has developed a world-class agro-tourism destination that proves a great day out for all ages. It’s a spot that highlights Tegallalang’s charm by weaving art, agriculture, immersive activities and highlighting the natural landscape. Elevated, elegant with a nod to the local traditions and the flow of nature, this is a concept that was waiting to happen. Now it has.

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