A great look, a brilliant drop – all at Piccolina Uluwatu

Written by Sarah Dougherty

Feeling frazzled? Hair a mess? Need to get your sh*t together? Piccolina in Uluwatu is the Bukit’s coolest place to multitask and have fun at the same time. 

The concept at Piccolina is simple: it’s a world-class hair salon that serves coffee and snacks by day, and a bottle shop that throws a daily happy hour with cocktails, wine and beer to spice up your evenings. 

The friendly neighbourhood cafe gets a style upgrade.

The venue mixes the vibe of a friendly neighbourhood café with the buzz of a hip wine bar and a hair salon where everything from haircuts to treatments and colour is on the menu. Featuring an espresso bar serving fresh juices and light bites (croissants, toasties, sandwiches, cakes, etc.) and a loungey outdoor terrace, Piccolina is also where it’s at for some quality mingling. 

Top this up with a vibrant program of social happenings from thematic events, wine tastings, brand collaborations, etc. – and you got yourself your new favourite spot to hang! 

Girls and guys are sorted!

With a master barber on hand and an internationally renowned cut and colourist in hot demand, locals no longer have to travel down south to get maintenance, professional colour or enjoy some of the best intensive hair treatments on the island. Men also get the treatment with a well-travelled Italian barber sharing his stylish secrets. 

Piccolina is a place that once discovered quickly becomes a habit for the Uluwatu crew. For visitors it’s a place to mingle with the locals, get a cut, colour, a beard trim or a professional cut while logging into high-speed internet, sipping on great coffee, a reviving smoothie or stocking up for your next party. 

Treatments from the roots down

With an arsenal of great products and toys at their disposal, patrons are treated from the roots down and Piccolina offers plenty of reasons to stay; it’s quite the groovy hang-out up here on the peninsula for those who crave a little glamour.

It’s easy to see why patrons bring their laptops and a change of clothes, it’s a great place to get some work done over coffee and a panini,  get your hair done and then slide into cocktail hour and beyond! 

Time to get Shady in Uluwatu

Part of the Shady Group, (Tavolo), expect a surprise upstairs  when Uluwatu’s first Shady bar opens – Shady Bunny. More on that later!

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