Fan the flames at Ritz Carlton Bali’s romantic Beach Grill

Laid back, breezy and very tropical, Ritz Carlton's Beach Grill sets the scene for casual dining during the day and romantic dinners at night. 

The ocean breeze carries the scent of wood-fired seafood through the light-filled dining room. Tables overlook the sea which gently strokes the sand, a perfect setting for a menu that has all the hallmarks of a five-star chef on the shores of the Indian ocean. 

The menu is built around seafood and steaks with a good selection of pasta and pizza, salads and small bites. Having a crew helps, as it means we order a variety of dishes and share them. The menu offers lots of variety with something to please everyone. 

For families, there are kid-friendly options and plenty for vegetarians too, but it’s the seafood lovers who will love it most here. The Sawangan Symphony is a great place to start, a medley of fish, prawns, squid and octopus, all torched to perfection in the flame grill. 

The taste of the sea comes through in every delicious bite. Served with sauces and sides, it’s a great sharing dish. We paired it with fresh tomato and burrata salad and ordered spaghetti with prawns as well. All our dishes were marked with freshness and skillfully cooked with loads of flavour. 

Despite the incredible menu that is crying out to be eaten by the sea, 5-star hotels always have me craving a burger. There’s somehow a perfect marriage between luxury resorts and burgers, they are always a bit more expensive but when they deliver, they can be amazing. 

So while my team devoured their seafood, I opted for the burger and it was every bit as good as I hoped. The flame grill licks this burger as well and the perfectly charred outside against the soft pink of the patty put a smile on my face. The bread is made in-house, the cheese is real, the salad fresh, and the fries hand-cut. All it needed was a cold beer. I was happy. 

The Ritz Carlton is built on a cliff and tumbles down towards a creamy slice of sand washed with the clear, calm sea that Nusa Dua is famous for. From the top, it resembles a small city, on the beach the views are pure Indian ocean and stretch as far as the eye can see. 

By day, the Beach Grill is casual, built next to the pool with sun beds lining the front. The touch of a 5-star chef is evident in every plate that passes us by, and the lamb chops caught my eye, they looked perfect so I filed that away for my next visit. 

At night, the Beach Grill is made for romance and couples can book a table on the beach where a selection of freshly caught seafood is displayed, ready to be barbecued a la minute. Candles create a rosy glow and the dining room transforms into a more formal affair. 

The combination of fresh, quality ingredients, skilful chefs and a stunning seaside location makes the Beach Grill at Ritz Carlton a 5-star destination that signals barefoot luxury at its best. 

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