The Avocado factory, Canggu’s homage to the good fat

Strange though it may seem that the cafe classic, avocado on toast, inspired two Italian brothers to dedicate an entire menu to the never-humble avocado, yet this is a true story.

The Avocado Factory in Canggu moves as much as 100 kgs of avocados in a single day. The two-story streetside cafe has a menu that offers avocado dishes in incredibly innovative ways including all the classics, and then some – truffled eggs benedict, avo pancakes dripping with berry sauce, smoked salmon, rocket and avocado piadina topped with poached eggs, and even a creamy avocado basque cheesecake that is seriously delicious.

The scene is pure Canggu, travellers race for the tables ordering coffee and smoothies and avocado-inspired cafe food. The breeze from the few remaining rice fields adds a taste of Bali and the kitchen and the bar rarely stop from their good-natured busyness.

Overseeing it all is the group Executive Chef, Andrea, a former Master Chef Italy finalist, he sees the humour in an Italian chef creating menus around the famous fruit but he also has more serious jobs with the group’s growing number of venues and he clearly enjoys this part of his day.

From this very first venue big things have grown. The brothers went on to establish Tavolo Group, the creative source of many of Bali’s favourite venues including speakeasy bars, burger bars, restaurants and even a hair salon/cafe/bottle shop in Uluwatu.

The Avocado Factory is a great example of how something so simple can shine with the right creative forces behind it. Each venue in the Tavolo Group family has its own distinct personality including the Shady venues; The Shady Pig, Shady Flamingo and The Shady Fox, the speakeasies that each bring something different to Bali nightlife

the avocado factory canggu

Fans of the avocado will be amazed at how many dishes can be built around this popular fruit – it’s truly creative and has all the hallmarks of a great cafe as well. In the afternoon the menu includes BB52 burgers, another of the Tavolo innovations that has Bali hungry for more.


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