Bali’s Best Vegan Eats – more than just a craze, these places are amazing.

Bali's vibrant culinary scene offers something for everyone, including those who embrace a plant-based diet. Chef and Caterer Vinny Mathilda visited some of Bali's best vegan-friendly restaurants to see what's cooking.

Text and photos by Vinny Mathilda, .

Not all vegan restaurants are created equal and the motivation behind them is what defines them; Whether it’s health and nutrition, sustainability or a love of animals, the following restaurants are on a plant-based mission, not a plant-based trend. By careful ingredient sourcing and making sure to include whole foods in their menus, these favourite local spots prove you can in fact stay healthy on plants.

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To some the Vegan diet came and went like a fad yet for others living on plants has always been the norm. Not all vegan restaurants are created equal and the motivation behind them is what defines them; Whether it’s health and nutrition, sustainability or love for animals, the following restaurants are on a plant-based mission, not the plant-based trend. By careful ingredient sourcing and making sure to include whole foods in their menus, these favourite local spots prove you can in fact stay healthy on plants.


This Italian gem comes highly recommended. Proudly owned by Italians, the Romantic dine in on Jalan Pantai Berawa serves everyone’s favorite dishes made with not only vegan but homemade and wholesome ingredients, resulting in healthier versions of the classics. From Carbonara to Tiramisu there’s no shortage on creaminess, and no heavy feeling after feasting. 

vegan pizza, pizza restaurant, bali pizza
bali vegan. vegan restaurant
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The Pizzas are made with wholewheat flour which the body will love, and a homemade pumpkin crust is available for the gluten-free society. The pasta dishes are all available gluten-free as well, of which the Salmon Pasta is a must–indulge. The restaurant serves only mocktails as a further statement of its dedication to health and well-being. Amami offers a cosy contemporary environment with a lot of menu options, including salads with vegan eggs and a variety of paninis. The owners are on a mission to veganise Italian food and prove both health and flavour can be achieved with plants. Fridays mean free tiramisu with a dinner for 2 which you can pair with a Moka pot espresso that makes you feel like a guest in a cosy Italian household.


The OG vegan spot Peloton, now the new and improved Pels, introduced Canggu to the plant-based vibe and inspired so many cafes and restaurants to come. I almost forgot this crowd favourite is Vegan, but that is exactly what makes it so iconic. The first of its kind back in 2015, when the culture of avocado toasts and lattes was at its peak, Pels went ahead and did it all from plants; This made plants cool and the vegan diet much more accessible.

pelt vegan, vegan restaurants, bali

They do a great job of being nonchalant vegan, attracting all kinds of customers and leaving everyone happy with their modern interior, delicious menu and enthusiastic staff. Serving all the best things in life including vegan burgers, nasi campur & smoothie bowls, Pels even opened a pizza shop right around the corner with homemade vegan cheese and perfect crust; Add a Henrys root beer as a digestive and you won’t have to choose between the classic San Remo tomato base and the star of the show – Paso Santa Maria, aka the potato pizza. What better way to compensate than to join Pels neighbourhood community run every Friday morning at 6 am after which you can enjoy a 30% discount at the café. I recommend the powerhouse bowl which packs all the things the body needs and ties them in with homemade pesto. The people behind this shining vegan star are active in sustainability projects and dedicated to improving life on the home island; it is clear a healthy and vegan lifestyle is encouraged but so is inclusiveness and community. Love you Pels.

pels resto, vegan


If you live in Ubud and love healthy indulgent food you won’t go a Wednesday without Sayuri’s mac and cheese bowl or a full moon without the Blessing Cake. The rest of the week you’ll probably feed on their bowls and reishi tea. It’s a one-stop for a healthy plant eater residing in the yoga centre of Bali. This lively eatery is your go-to for delicious and transparently healthy food; the owner behind the amazing restaurant is the creative Sayuri Tanaka with decades of experience in raw food and vegan cuisine. If you wanted to follow her path, Sayuri offers raw food courses at their beautiful location in Central Ubud. What I love most about this cafe is that you know what everything on the menu is made from.

You’ll feel safe in the comfort of recognizable ingredients and soothing foods.

sayuri vegan bali, vegan in bali, bali vegan restaurant
vegan food, veganism

From garlic coconut croutons to dragon fruit granola, all made in-house – the food here has been created as art; directly delivered to your plate from an equipped raw food kitchen from heaven; the meals are full of prana and give the vegan diet a good nutritional rep. My go-to recommendation with nutrition in mind would be their Nourish bowl with cashew nibbles and miso wasabi dressing. On the other hand, if you are looking for a pick me up, this one – nostalgic of your naughty food habits, is the BOMB by title – An iced beverage of your choice, say matcha or café latte with vanilla ice cream and coconut whipped cream, drizzled with your choice of strawberry coulis or dark chocolate syrup; Also available as a gluten-free waffle! Make sure to grab a Medicinal Mushroom Bean-to-Bar Chocolate on your way out – just like everything at Sayuri’s they make their own chocolate too. This is the type of restaurant you just can’t help but get attached to.

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vegan cake - cake vegan


Here’s a spot that takes you back to old-school vegetarianism. Think yoga ventures, India, farm to table, lots of veggies, hippie life and being that one weird vegetarian in the 80-90s. Maybe it’s the Yoga Shala and permaculture garden on location but something about this place just rings true to the mission. Alkaline brings back memories of solo travels across Asia and my gado-gado prevalent youth; These guys do it right and bring back attention to the benefit of vegetarian and vegan eating – a more balanced diet full of vegetables and healthier, wholesome ingredients. At Alkaline it’s not about creating a fake chicken tender, but about eating naturally delicious fruits and vegetables. The owner runs a permaculture garden in the back and is dedicated to the mission of sustainable living.

yogi corner, yoga

At Serenity eco guests house, the home of Alkaline restaurant, everything is done with green solutions. You may even ask them for help when having your business go green – the owner has put together a whole cheat sheet full of simple ideas to get you started; from a wastewater garden to chemical-free mosquito control enter the business and restaurant with strong eco-conscious initiative. Back to the food, you’ll find an array of homemade inventions such as crunchy moringa sticks and seaweed chips. Besides a veggie-rich and fresh menu of salads, bowls and wraps you’ll have a hard time choosing a favourite raw cake; yes, the raw cakes that turned many to the veg side. Can’t forget the local favourites like urap and nasi campur made from scratch, preserving local cuisine in ever-changing Bali. They warn a short wait for the juice that will be freshly pressed upon order; no shortcuts here – only real food made the real way. Standing as a front to one of Bali’s oldest yoga studios – Alkaline makes you miss the good ol’ days; Head over to their world of wellness for a taste of “real” in super trendy Canggu.


Our upscale option is exceptional, with electric blue interiors and changing neon lights; nestled inside the renowned Desa Potato Head, lies Tanaman – the future of Veganism; Currently curated by Chef Dominique Hammonds – a loved chef with a true passion for whole foods and making things from scratch. This plant chef goes further with a zero-waste plan, making dust from leftover pickles and shallots and a buttery delicious dish made of all parts of a pumpkin, from the skin to the seed. Dom won’t dress your salad in a premade dressing or compromise on her vision; from foraging her own ingredients to using funky local fruits in season, she is dedicated to innovating dishes that celebrate natural ingredients.

restaurant, vegan restaurant

 The brave chef sneaks a sweet course in between your 9 magical servings that come together as her first season at Tanaman, inspired by the element of water. The creations are light, fresh, zesty yet full of umami satisfaction. It’s a celebration of plants and all their parts. The upscale dining offers vegan food to those used to drink pairings, of which you may choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic; The mocktail versions are impressive and add on to an already exquisite dinner. If you’re looking for culinary excitement head over to the world of Tanaman for surprises like corn cobb lemonade, and yuba textures. We could not be more excited for season 2 with the theme of fire, coming up in October. Bali is truly lucky to have chef Dominique pushing boundaries and spreading the plant based hype.


There is nothing risky about Rizky’s Warung; for risky is the name of the owner’s son and it means Lucky; If you miss Living Food Lab or Vinny’s Warung then you in fact got luck. Rizky’s does a groundbreaking raw food and local food collab right out of their teeny kitchen on Padang Linjong. It’s a slow food type of spot, offering the cleanest of dishes.

The owner was trained at Living Food Lab and brought the recipes to her cute roadside Warung with 4 tables and about 50 books on veganism – the passion and dedication are evident; the kitchen is open and you see freshly cut jackfruit boiling before you eat it – things may take a minute but that’s what food should be like! Rizky’s Warung may possibly be the only place available to get a healthy and truly msg-free nasi campur today; as sad as that is we hope Rizky’s can inspire others to preserve the natural ways of making Indonesian food – this means Bumbu (seasoning) from scratch and a lot of cooking prep and effort. You’ll be surprised to find raw pizza on the menu and may want to make your way through trying all of their options, definitely starting with the Nasi Campur. The affordable make-your-own salad could turn you into a regular here. Every clean eater should show some support for this awesome local joint.


The post covid Bali revival brings with it new vegan spots, of which Casa Curandera is a personal favourite. Another permaculture garden set in the Ubud rainforest; bringing back the essence of Ubud dining, yet you’re not only surrounded by plants you are served only plants – the chef’s menu is a fusion of Columbian and Italian food, from homemade corn and cassava arepas filled with jackfruit to the popular Mediterranean burrata salad; This spot is a real vegan treasure.

Come for the food and stay for the view; You’ll have to make space for dessert as an excuse to enjoy this wholesome environment longer. If you thought vegans had no fun, how about a magical evening of live piano in the jungle while you sip on house Agua Fresca. Casa Curandera also makes a Fabolous Sunday brunch spot with their juicy breaky menu, romantic views and flowing river sounds; You get a meal and nature retreat in one. The food is comforting and offers new flavors we haven’t seen much of in Bali, The Arepas are a must-have but health seekers will find it hard to say no to a green soup made from fresh greens from the garden.

Bonus! VINNYS VEGAN CATERING, formerly Vinny’s Warung

Vinny’s Warung closed their second location by the end of Covid lockdowns but Vinny’s vegan and gluten-free perkedels prevail as their plant-based catering is still in business. Event catering for the masses is all about convenience at the cost of processed ingredients and low-quality food but not at Vinny’s Plant-based, where organic produce is sourced from one of Bali’s best whole food suppliers Bali Jiwa, then cooked from scratch no matter the head count; Meaning even at a wedding of one hundred or more, everyone is eating healthy and wholesome food. Bookings need to be made ahead of time but are worth scheduling. With a lot of event catering experience and consistently great reviews, the team at Vinny’s is dedicated to food quality, a healthy lifestyle and making their customers happy. The clients continue to say the food was raved about while the non-vegans frequently visit the kitchen to inform the chef “we’re not vegan and we loved it “. Yoga retreat leaders will find comfort in the owner’s knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tao and will love the custom adjustments based on the type of retreat whether it be a fitness or detox one. On another note If you simply miss Vinny’s Warung legendary nasi campur that broke many hearts when disappearing off the streets of Canggu, you may want to have them cater your next event.

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