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Welcome to Bali Food & Travel – the ultimate guide to Bali’s best.

Welcome to Bali Food and Travel - Local Food and Travel Info Written by Locals.

A big welcome to all fellow gourmet travellers. Our new page, Bali Food and Travel is the ultimate guide to Bali’s restaurants, bars and cafes. Our new format helps you become a local expert and build your own list of favourite venues to share with your friends and family. Just click the save button on the listing and log in to build your own list.


I’m Sarah, the founder of Bali Food and travel. I’ve spent the last 3 decades discovering the magic of bali, and I am till enchanted by it. It’s hard not to be impressed with the incredible food scene here, from local food to international menus from just about every corner of the world, you’ll eat as well here as you will anywhere in the world. On any budget.


Navigating the many restaurants, cafes, bars and beach clubs is the task of many. We bring you all the latest updates,  recommendations and reviews to help you decide where to eat, drink and play.


Along with Indonesia’s talented chefs and a rich culinary heritage, chefs and cooks from around the world have made Bali their home and brought their own flavours of home with them, often marrying them with local ingredients to create unique dishes.


Launched in 2012, 360Bali gained a reputation for quality content and sharing what’s new and vibrant on the island. Quickly joined by Balifood in 2014, the website and social media attracts an estimated 6 million views each year. 


Rebranding under a new name with a new dedicated website and over 200,000 current followers on social media we are launching BALI FOOD AND TRAVEL to share our insider knowledge and create the number one food page in Bali. 


Travel is part of our DNA so on our pages we’ll also share our travel tips, favourite stays and spa and wellness advice. Our commitment to Bali’s future means we encourage responsible travel and support sustainable businesses. 


We look forward to hearing about your favourite places as well, so please use the comments section to let us know what you loved and use our saved feature.


Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions or feedback, I love hearing from fellow food lovers.

Sarah Dougherty,


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Jaspreet Bhamrai


Jaspreet Bhamrai

Co - founder

Jaspreet Bhamrai

Co - founder

Jaspreet Bhamrai

Co - founder

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